Asian food in Western country

Source: BBC

Image result for chinese food Asian food is being loved by many people and it is spread around the world, not only Asian people eat this food but also Western people are enjoying this particular food. It is not an easy job to open a new restaurant that even the people around it is not familiar with it and it is not their authentic food. The most popular Asian food is of course the Chinese food where people find it is always cheap, tasty and delicious so that is why Chinese food is so popular among Western people. In fact, now Chinese food is not only about dine-in and take away food but people can buy the ingredients in any supermarkets then cook the food at home. Most diners are looking at fusion Chinese food or food that they never tried before.

Chilli Daddy Sichuan street food stall
Source: BBC

The picture on the left shows a Chinese food stall in UK that is being loved by so many people. So, knowing that Asian food are being accepted by Western people, opening a restaurant that served Asian type of food will mostly be a success but there always be a challenge because we never know what is going to happen when the restaurant is open but no customers coming. That is why my idea is to merge this two type of food to open in one restaurant without changing the taste of the original food. Also, nowadays people just want everything to be quick or instant so delivering food to the customers right in front of their doorstep is an important part to be added to the list to maximize the profit.



Warwicker, Michelle. 2014. How the UK fell in love with Chinese food.


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