Domino’s mobile apps

Source: QSR Media

Domino’s Pizza has been in the fast food industry for more than 40 years of experience and the result is astonishing. Domino’s is an American pizza restaurant chain that now owned almost 4500 stores worldwide. The thing that amused me a lot about Domino’s pizza is that they are a fast food restaurant that makes pizza, which usually takes time to make it but ordering food from Domino’s nowadays is just really easy. The mobile phone application that Domino’s create is really brilliant because remembering that this days most people is just lazy, they choose to pay an extra of $5 to get their food delivered safely and quickly. Recently, Domino’s has launched two interesting and eye catching marketing which is creating a software inside the mobile app called DRU assist where you can order your food without using your finger it is just the same like iOS Siri. Also, another thing that Domino’s make is the method of how they delivering the food, usually we use human but now Domino’s has a robot delivery which is really awesome to maximize the profit.

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Source: QSR Media

It is not a surprising thing if Domino’s gain heaps of profit from their product because the food is not as expensive as other normal pizza. Also, Domino’s always had a creative idea to pull their customers with a lot of variety menu and the most important part of all is how they can get so much profit from the delivery order. As a restaurant owner, having a new idea to increase the profit of the restaurant is very crucial because if a restaurant only served the same kind of food for too long it will definitely makes the customer does not want to go back to the restaurant but with new fresh idea it will attract more customers and if the idea is successful customers will definitely coming back for the good food. Domino’s idea of creating the mobile phone application makes me aware that nowadays if I want to open my own restaurant in the future I should know that having a physical restaurant is just not enough. My future restaurant will be a fusion kinds of food and after I successfully open my own restaurant, I will make my restaurant to be able to do delivery quickly and making the customer is number 1 priority.


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