About Me

Hi There! I’m Joseph


I have always dream to open my own restaurant in Indonesia because that is where I am from. One of the reason why I really wanted to open my own restaurant because my family has been in the restaurant industry for almost a decade. I am currently studying at Curtin University in Marketing major and also part timing in Ciao Italia in South Perth as a kitchen hand. Before I am working with Ciao Italia I already have 3,5 years experience with Nando’s Australia. I love all different kinds of food especially Asian and Western cuisine but there is one particular food that I cannot eat because I am allergic to it, is seafood.

I like to work in the restaurant environment so that I can channel my passion into opening my new restaurant in the future. I gain a lot of knowledge and ability from working here in Australia and I think all of this experience I obtain will makes me aware of what should I do with my restaurant.

So now you know a bit about me, checkout some of my posts and Thanks for stopping by!



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